Who we are

Labinterpret was conceived by

Jean-Michel Vialle

Dr. Jean-Michel Vialle
Medical Biologist

Designed with the collaboration of

Dr Jean-Marc Giannoli

Medical Biologist

Dr Irène Revenko

Medical Biologist,Scientist

Dr Anne-Laure Robbe

Medical Biologist

Romain Boyer

Hygiene and Food Industry

Dr Caroline Lieutier Vialle

Expert in nutrition

Sébastien Bolot
IT Engineer

Data protection officer

Dr Gaspard Beaune

Medical Biologist

Laura Marmorato
Community Manager

Our mission

To propose a clear and synthetic interpretation of Lab tests reports by a medical biologist, quickly and confidentially, whatever the laboratory of origin.

The layout and the reading of the results is often too complex and does not allow for reassuring or guidance of the patients.

We work collaboratively with patients and health professionals to improve the quality of medical biology and provide a better service. Our innovative approach combines the expertise of medical biologists with the new technologies of E-health.

It should be noted that the main representatives of the profession wish to promote this role of independent Consultant Biologist, for whom the intellectual act takes precedence over the carrying out of analysis in the strict sense*.

*Medical biologists: evolution of missions and their remuneration (JIB 2020).

Our values

Humanism: Digital health at the service of patients with medical biologists respecting their professional ethics. (Art L 4127-1 and 4235-71 to 77 of the CSP)

Reliability: You can count on us, from a medical, scientific and technical point of view.

Proximity: An application that brings patients closer to healthcare professionals.

Innovation: Labinterpret is the first digital application that allows you to receive a clear interpretation of your lab results from health professionals and using the latest technologies.

Adaptability: A service that takes into account your particularities (context, specific questions, language) and that evolves according to your needs.

Integrity: Labinterpret is designed and managed by health professionals with no conflicts of interests.

Our engagements

Competence: Our interpretations are reliable because delivered exclusively by Doctors in Medical Biology (physicians or pharmacists) who are the only professionals qualified to interpret lab tests. Our other experts (Agribusiness, water testing, Micronutrition ...) are here to complete our range of competence.

Simplicity: Labinterpret has been designed to be easy and intuitive. We are constantly working on the clarity of the conclusions to make them comprehensible to all.

Fairness: The cost has been calculated as accurately as possible so that the greatest number can benefit from it.

Personalization: You have a direct interaction with a medical biologist to obtain clear answers to your questions. You can use the application from your computer, phone or tablet without downloading it (PWA technology).

Responsiveness: It is our engagement to send your conclusions within 24 hours (except for WE and holidays or complex file requiring additional expertise) with priority communication of urgent results.

Confidentiality: Our Data Protection Officer ensures that we meet all requirements of the RGPD, CNIL and ANSSI

Quality: The application is HON certified, complies with the HAS recommendations. All biologists work in certified labs.

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