What is it for ? -

A simple click and a biologist will explain.

Lab test results are useless if they are not correctly interpreted and understood.

Labinterpret allows people who do not have easy and fast access to their doctors to have:

  • An interpretation provided by medical biologists or physicians
  • A clear and simplified lab report (interpretation)
  • Answers to their questions to reassure them and if necessary advise them

A recent survey shows that 72% of European patients want further explanation about their test results *. Labinterpret is designed for them.

It can also be used to interpret some particularly complex lab report for physicians.

Labinterpret is therefore perfectly adapted to facilitate some of the essential missions of the medical biologist.

  • Ensuring the conduct and medical expertise of biological diagnosis
  • Ensuring the individual consultation with the patient, checking that the information given to the patient is correctly understood.
  • Ensuring exchanges with health professionals, particularly in the medical care pathway

*(Clin Chem Lab Med 2017; 55(10): 1496–1500)

** Conseil National Professionnel de Biologie Médicale et Ordres

A quoi ça sert ?

A quoi ça sert ?

Example of interpretation

(NB : exemples illustrant l’utilisation de Labinterpret dans un laboratoire de biologie médicale. Pour des raisons déontologiques ces exemples concernent des interprétations transmises à des médecins ou réalisées en concertation avec eux)

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