I have not received my interpretation, what should I do?
You can check your account and verify that it is being processed , or contact us by email.You can also contact your laboratory directly if it is a Labinterpret user.
Are you going to send the interpretation to my physician?
All you have to do is ask us and enter your e-mail address. He must have already received these results through your laboratory
Can my interpretation be added to my DMP?
Can the response delay be longer? Yes, in case of complex results or if we need to contact a specialist not immediately available. You will be informed of any additional delay or you can contact us
Can you interpret all the biological reports?
In rare cases this is impossible because some results (genetic tests, minor patient...) are not returned to the patient because they are exclusively transmitted by the prescriber. In the event of a complex check-up, we can call on biologists or specialised doctors in the vast majority of cases, but there may be exceptions. There may be other more frequent causes: lack of relevant clinical information, unreadable results, lack of reference values... request for exclusive interpretation by your doctor or medical biologist . If this is not possible, you will be informed promptly and your payment will not be debited.
Can I phone you?
For the moment we have not yet set up this possibility, but we are working on this option.
Can I have my lab test results interpreted by my biologist?
It is possible if your laboratory is a partner of Labinterpret, (which is an advantage in that case since the lab may have your complete file)(link)
Can my interpretation be added to my DMP?
We are currently working with the ARS and ‘télésanté” platforms so that this can be done quickly.
Can I have my results interpreted by my doctor via Labinterpret?
Of course, this is even very desirable. Your laboratory has had to send him your results and he will be able to give you an interpretation taking into account his knowledge of your medical file, which is the ideal case. He can also register on Labinterpret to receive or perform interpretations with the application.
How can I be sure that my analyzes have been interpreted by a biologist and not a robot?
Our ethical chart and our medical conception of the relationship with the patient guarantee the central role of the medical biologist.
Can I be 100% sure of your interpretations?
This is possible if your doctor is a partner of Labinterpret. Alas no, we are not infallible but the level of competence of French medical biologists is widely recognized in Europe.
How is the interpretation of my analysis results useful?
The purpose is to reassure you completely or to redirect you toward additional health professional, based on your results and other information you have transmitted.
What are your interpretations based on?
All interpretations come from medical biologists: they are based on their medical knowledge and scientific publications, as well as their daily practice with patients and other health professionals.
Do you consider my previous results?
If they are indicated on your report, we will take them into account, as well as any other information you may give us.
Do you keep my lab tests and can you send me back my interpretations?
All medical data is stored on a licensed health data server (currently in the process of being certified). Your interpretation may be resent to you if you give us the exact reference number and the date you first sent it.
Do you interpret lab tests for doctors?
In the same way that we provide interpretations for patients, we provide interpretations of more complex results in case of requests from physicians. Labinterpret can send an interpretation to complete the original lab report which can guide physicians for optimized patient care.
Are there other uses of the software?
It can be used as a tool for improving and standardizing interpretations amongst biologists. It can also be used by students or doctors for the same purpose.
Why is the application not free?
Because all interpretations require work and time from biologists. For transparency and independence we did not want advertising or sponsors.
Can I be reimbursed by Social Security or Health Insurance?
Not yet, but we are working on this option for the future.
How was the price decided?
It is the same as the fee proposed by the french Social Security for the ‘télé-consultation’ (25 €). Given the high level of expertise of the health professionals and the time spent for each interpretation, this is a very reasonable cost.
Do you interpret other kind of lab tests?
For the moment we are focusing on our current fields of expertise: Medical Biology, Food and Environmental Hygiene, Water testing and Micronutrition.
Does Labinterpret replace my doctor ?
Not at all, your doctor remains your main contact. He knows you best and Labinterpret gives you an orientation and a degree of urgency with regard to your analysis results and the information you provide us. If necessary, he or she may enrich or complete our interpretation or integrate it into your medical file if you wish us to forward it to him or her.
Does Labinterpret replace my laboratory?
Not at all, your laboratory is the only one authorized to carry out medical biology examinations and we only do interpretations. In France, laboratories are accredited, which is a guarantee of quality and competence of medical biologists. You can also contact your medical biologist directly to ask him/her for an explanation of your check-up and he/she will certainly answer you. In addition, it is important to return to the same laboratory in order to benefit from previous results that can be compared to current and future results. Finally, some laboratories use Labinterpret and you will be redirected if possible to your biologists if you send us reports from these laboratories.
Do you interpret other kind of lab tests?
Can you prescribe medications or lab tests? We can only give you advices but no medical prescriptions.

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